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Wind Power
Colloque National Eolien (National Wind Power Conference)
Colloque eolien
OCTOBER 04 AND 05, 2023 - PARC FLORAL, PARIS (France)

Météorage is part of the Colloque National Eolien (National Wind Energy Symposium), an event that promotes wind power as an essential component of the energy transition in France and worldwide.
This not-to-be-missed event is a highlight of the year for the wind power sector in France, drawing in over 1,000 visitors. It is organized by “France Energie Éolienne” and scheduled to be held at the Parc Floral in Paris on October 04/05, 2023.


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Wind Europe Copenhagen, 2023
windeurope 2022
APRIL 25 to 27, 2023 - Copenhagen (Denmark)

Météorage is present at Wind Europe the most important event in Europe dedicated exclusively to the wind turbine industry, bringing together more than 8,000 professionals and more than 400 exhibitors.
Because of their installation areas, height and size, wind turbines are regular ground strike points of lightning. Lightning is also the leading cause of damage to blades.
Météorage offers all the wind energy professionals involved in the lightning the opportunity to exchange and discover our solutions to reduce productivity losses, optimize on-site security and reduce maintenance costs.  


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Meteorological Technology World Expo
OCTOBER 3 to 5, 2023 - Geneva (Switzerland)

An annual event, the MTWE is the largest weather show in the world. It attracts about 200 exhibitors and 4,000 participants from around the world.

For this 2023 edition, Météorage, an active member of Prométéo, is making an appointment at the heart of the Pavillon France, to meet all our innovative projects in the field of technology and services for the detection of thunderstorms and lightning.



Lightning Specialists
Forum of the Lightning Protection Association (APFoudre)

The Lightning Protection Association (APF) organizes its Forum once a year.

Stéphane Schmitt, who is one of our specialists and also a member of APF, will present an accidentology study based on the analysis of 50 cases of lightning strikes in France over the past eight years. He will look at the predictability of 94 % of them as well as the need to further raise awareness about the risk and to make alert systems accessible so that they can be adapted to users' needs. 



All sectors concerned by the risk of lightning
Lightning and Surges Seminars
seminaire nantes
  • 4 dates in France (French): 23 May (Bordeaux) / 24 May (Paris) / 07 June (Marseille) / 8 June (Grenoble)
  • 1 date in Belgium (French): 19 April (Brussels)

For more than 15 years now, Météorage has been associated with the great European names of the profession and co-organizes the Lightning and Surges Seminars, information days on lightning and storm management intended for professional actors and decision-makers (industrialists, network managers and operators, installers, expertise and insurance firms, control and design offices, etc.) concerned by the management of the risk related to storms.

In an interactive and focused format, participants will be able to benefit at the end of each session from a complete range of information to better understand lightning, prevention and protection devices in their activities.

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