Assess the potential risk of lightning at a site or within a zone.

Lightning can have serious consequences for your facilities and can adversely affect the security of your site, the safety of your employees and the quality of the environment.
For these reasons, a number of countries have implemented regulatory obligations and a regulatory framework. 
Météorage provides statistics that comply with the requirements of the IEC 62305-2 and 62858 international standards.

Lightning statistics per town/municipality
Statistiques de foudroiement - Evaluer le risque foudre

Availability of lightning statistics: France

This data will enable you to obtain:

  • Lightning density of a particular town/municipality, calculated using Ground Strike Points detected over a period of 10 years
  • Number of storm days per year. This data corresponds to the number of days where at least one lightning flash was detected in the vicinity
  • Statistical confidence index
  • Lightning records for a given zone
  • Seasonal and monthly distribution of contact points.

Statistical Study of Lightning Risk

Météorage offers detailed statistical information, particularly via complex, multi-site or geolocalised studies. These can be provided in the form of data or of a map.

Availability of lightning statistics: Worldwide